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For a fixed monthly retainer, Uconomy provides various levels of support and management services to SMMEs based on their specific needs and size (Survivalist/Micro/Small/Medium). An initial interview is conducted with the client whereby a checklist is completed that will form the foundation on which Uconomy structures the needs analyses, business plans and 3-year development plans. Growth and job creation are facilitated by supporting owners or entrepreneurs to develop and manage staff, revenue-creating activities and business systems and processes. We focus on practical training, support and solutions instead of theoretical training on how entrepreneurs may manage all business functions themselves.

Leveraging our partnership with Uconomy Youth and at low or no cost to the SMME, we will provide up to 2 YES interns or learners dedicated to assist, either on site or remotely, in the daily running of an SMME for a duration of 12 months. After the 12-month training period, we offer the SMME the added benefit of being able to absorb the entry-level employee who has already been trained in specific business processes without the risk and added cost of in-house training

SMME Packages

Note: These support services are available to any SMME. We also offer SMMEs the option to create their own bouquet of services (ie choosing one or two or more of the abovementioned services) if they don’t need the entire package.