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Tzaneng Roof Trusses was established in 1991 as a timber refinery which has since developed into a sawmill. Tzaneng Roof Trusses manufacture S.A.B.S graded construction timber which is supplied to the open market. Tzaneng Trusses started manufacturing roof trusses in 2006, adapting all processes for this purpose. This allows Tzaneng Trusses to filter savings through to the client as 2 middlemen are eradicated in the process of supply direct to the public. We are not the biggest roof truss manufacturer. Our mission is to supply the best quality product at the best possible price to our clients. Personal service is a high priority. Tzaneng Trusses uses the International Truss System design software license, which is internationally approved as well as by the I.T.C. We deliver to Limpopo, Mpumalanga en Gauteng.

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George Valley plot GV 58 Tzaneen 0850



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