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Supporting Job Creators

Uconomy aims to address the need for small and growing businesses that are potentially sustainable and successful enough, to create jobs. By capitalising on the B-BBEE regulatory requirements to which South African companies must adhere, we are able to provide business management and development support, advisory services and labour at subsidised rates. In some instances, we are able to provide our services at no cost to a qualifying SMME.

Our group has been operating since 2008, providing extensive advisory services, offering forensic and internal audit work and B-BBEE advisory services. Our partner company, Uconomy Youth, which offers training and development solutions to unemployed and unskilled youth, was established in 2014 and, having identified the opportunity to further maximise impact, Uconomy began operating at the end of 2018.

The Organisation

The organisation exists within an ecosystem of companies and external partners. This ecosystem develops and supports the growth of SMMEs, develops talent, information technology systems and corporate impact strategies. While the group strategy follows a holistic approach to development, Uconomy believes that the lack of sustainable, job-creating SMMEs is an urgent problem that needs solving. Therefore, Uconomy’s current efforts are focused on supporting the growth and success of SMMEs that will contribute to local economies and offer employment opportunities to young South Africans. In doing so, we are addressing a cycle of social ills: stagnant local economies that exacerbate youth unemployment which often leads to substance abuse, crime and violence in our communities.